Pirates and Dinosaurs and Merfolk! Oh, My!


Pirates and Dinosaurs and Merfolk! Oh, My!

Magic: The Gathering presents IXALAN!

Prerelease Events: September 22nd – 24th

Release Day: September 29th

Ahoy, matey! Check out this awesome swashbuckler! Buff your pirates and steal your opponent’s booty. Legendary Creature makes him fit for Commander, as well as just a great addition to your treasure chest. You’ll send your opponents to Davy Jones’s locker with this seadog.


Little human pirates might have tough time against the raging dinosaurs in the set. Take a look at this dino-champion reminiscent of Mayael the Anima.


Smashy, smashy! All these dinosaurs make us crave Jurassic Park marathons.


No? How about this one?


It’s an Impact Tremor is what it is.

Don’t think these are Dino-mite? Maybe the merfolk will float your boat. Take a look at Kopala, Warden of Waves. Keep an eye open, this one might see play in Modern Merfolk decks. merfolk1

Some really cool planeswalkers coming out, too.


Vraska can help you destroy your opponent’s hard to remove permanents. She can immediately come in a +2 to put her loyalty at 8, making her close to her ultimate–which just about kills your opponent. Huatli seems to have a great +0 ability, however, seems like it would be more likely be a green ability on a planeswalker. Interesting. It’s also good to note that both of these guys have a +2 ability, which is super relevant. It’ll keep them on the board longer–and with Huatli you can make the ultimate as deadly as you want it to be.

Let’s talk about these super amazing lands!!!!

Where is Jace

Oh, wait. These are just the basic lands where Jace is wandering around. Can you find him? Where’s Waldo, err, I mean, Jace? (Altered by Michelle as Waldo.)

We mean look at these flip cards that turn into lands! Gaea’s Cradle, anyone?


But, wait! There’s more! Check out the full spoilers to see the other flip cards! We’d also like to note how gorgeous this art is! We’re also seeing a new card frame on these flip lands. We can speculate that there might be negative (lower) price fluctuation on original Gaea’s Cradle due to easier access to the Growing Rites of Itlimoc. This card will make modern elves practically unstoppable. Lost Vale basically gives us a Gilded Lotus land from an artifact. Spiiicy standard format. https://i0.wp.com/emojination.info/data/images/847.pnghttps://i0.wp.com/emojination.info/data/images/847.png

Full spoilers are yet to come for this set. Check out this set for yourself at Game Cafe’s prerelease event or release day draft!

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Gen Con Goodies!

Gen Con–the excitement of the gamer world. New games, new expansions, cosplay, art, and more. Everything you could ever dream of all in one location! Game Cafe was lucky enough to check out the 50th year anniversary of this amazing convention.

What stuck out amongst all the goodies?

A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game


You might know it as Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game is a competitive miniatures game for two or more players allowing you to choose House Stark or House Lannister in the starter set. The starter set includes 100 incredible  unpainted, preassembled miniatures directly from the mind of George R.R. Martin! Each player controls one of the Great Houses of Westeros, commanding battlefield units, recruiting legendary Heroes, and manipulating the political stage, in the attempt to claim the greatest prize of all: The Iron Throne.

Rising Sun

Clans must use politics, strength and honor to rule the land in this board game with amazing miniatures set in legendary feudal Japan.

This exciting new miniatures game comes from the creators of Blood Rage. Set in Feudal Japan, Rising Sun is a board game for 3-5 players. This game is all about deal making and negotiating while keeping your honor and fighting for your clan to expand.

Star Wars Legion


HOLY COW! Another amazing Star Wars game! Star Wars Legion was just announced and shown at Gen Con. With clear concise rules and quick game play (1-2 hours) this is an excellent starter game for those who want to step into the Sci-Fi adventures of Star Wars. This game is reminiscent of Warhammer Fantasy, but with all your favorite Star Wars unique characters. Command your troops to reach objectives and claim victory!

Legend of the Five Rings


Redesigned by Fantasy Flight Games, Legend of the Five Rings comes back to us as a Living Card Game. Take on the identity of your clan (seven to choose from), and battle against a buddy to decide the future of Rokugan. Each core set comes with everything you need to learn how to play Legend of the Five Rings and includes cards from each clan. However, if you wish to start playing this LCG competitively, you may wish to purchase a second (or third) copy of the core set to have everything you need to complete a play set of each card.

Check out any of these awesome games coming to stores in the (hopefully) near future!

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Pillaging and Profiteering: A Merchants and Marauders Review

MnM BoxBy: Robert Williamson

Ahoy, mateys! Welcome to a Game Café board game review! Today we’ll be looking at Merchants and Marauders from Z-Man Games, a 2 – 4 player, sandbox game that lets you sail the Caribbean as either a merchant or… wait for it… a marauder!

This distinction is not just for flavor, but a key factor in gameplay. Your goal is to reach 10 glory points. Completing missions, selling in-demand goods, raiding other vessels, or stashing gold (1 point for every 10 gold you’ve stashed), among other things, awards you these points. However, becoming a notorious pirate or a prosperous merchant can open some paths to victory and close others.

merchYou’ll start each game by drawing a captain card from a deck of sixteen. Your captain has his or her own special ability as well as different stats that can help tip you towards what play style might work best. A captain with a low scouting ability, for example, will probably struggle at piracy, as succeeding a scouting roll is necessary to find merchants to raid. After choosing your captain, you’ll select one of the two types of starting ships and then you’ll be ready to set sail!

As the name of the game implies, there are two clear paths to victory in this game. You can earn glory points as a merchant by buying goods in one port and selling them in a port where that good is in-demand, or as a pirate by plundering 12+ gold off an NPC merchant in a raid. These two roles tend to be mutually exclusive, as earning a bounty will close off ports to you and make life as a merchant difficult. At least up front, playing as a pirate is more lucrative, but comes with real downsides. With each merchant raid, you receive a bounty from that merchant’s sovereign nation, causing NPC naval ships to pursue you, and making you a target for other players. You also tend to close yourself off to most missions, as many employers will not hire you if you have a bounty.

As a merchant, you’ll have to watch out for NPC pirates, but you’re really focused on one thing, making those doubloons. I’ve found that while being a merchant is less flashy than pirating, you have a real chance of beating the pirates out just by slowly amassing your fortune. Whenever you buy from port, finding multiples of items gives you a discount, so by buying in bulk you can always make a profit whether you’re selling in-demand items or not. You also aren’t having to repair your ship as often as pirates which gives you a real edge in accumulating wealth. Keep in mind that for each 10 gold you stash in your home port, you get a victory point that stays hidden from the table. Games often end with one player revealing their stash for a come-from-behind win.

MM-boardNow while these are the two obvious routes to victory, the game is very open-ended, and as I’ve played I’ve found several other, less obvious ways to play. First up is what I like to call the bounty hunter! This playstyle works best in four-player games, as player pirates make a much better target than NPCs, although it will probably also earn you their ire. If you’re able to defeat an opponent in crew combat you get their gold, their cargo, their glory cards, any rumors, their special weapons, any specialists, and their ship, in addition to any bounties they have on their head. Your goal is, of course, to hunt pirates, plundering their ships and collecting their bounties. This method can be extremely effective by picking off weakened players fresh out of a merchant raid with lots of gold on board and lots of damage to their ship.

Another role is the treasure hunter—this player takes every mission and every rumor possible (which works best with one of the captains that allows you to take on multiple missions or rumors at once). For each mission you complete and every rumor you prove true you get a glory point in addition to whatever rewards or treasures it pays out.

Of course, most games you won’t stick to just one role, but will opportunistically do whatever’s best at the time. Merchants and Marauders has a high potential for risk moneyand reward, you might leave your captain out at sea and vulnerable at end of turn to grab that extra merchant raid or get to the other side of the map to complete a transport mission. You might decide you don’t want to just buy a new ship, but want to grab the biggest one in the fleet, Jack Sparrow style. However you decide to play, you’ll be fighting through storms, warring fleets, and other players to do it. Merchants and Marauders is one of the few board games I’ve played that really feels open-world and this review only scratches the surface on how you can play.

I would like to warn that this game is not necessarily for the faint of heart, as games often take three hours minimum, and the sheer amount of rules and the interactions in the game can be overwhelming (each player is given a 12” x 12” double sided cheat-sheet, which is either a good thing or a horrifying thing, depending on your perspective). However, gameplay is fairly intuitive once you get the hang of it, and the possibilities in each game are nearly endless.

So if you have a good crew and want to brave the high seas, I can’t recommend this game enough. Pick it up for your next game night today!


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Brick by Brick: Building up Amonkhet Spoilers!

amonkhet banner.png

Welcome back! Today we’re looking over the spoilers so far for the new Magic: The Gathering set, Amonkhet, releasing April 28th. And boy, oh boy are there some awesome spoilers!

Amonkhet is a brand-new Egyptian-inspired plane, replete with jackals, crocodiles, snakes, and mummified zombie dudes. We have it all! We have desert lands, we have god cards, we have their trials, we have cartouches! (I’ll pause here while you go look that word up, then feel incredibly silly for not knowing what that was, just like I did.)


Now let’s look at some of the really cool things about this set. First of all, those god cards I mentioned. Pretty cool. They are all 3 to 4 CMC indestructible legendary creatures with an additional keyword that fits their respective colors. All of them are beefy creatures that aren’t allowed to attack unless they hit a certain trigger, but all of them have an activated ability that makes reaching that trigger point a little bit easier. And did I mention that you can use them to crew your Kaladesh-block vehicles? 😉

amonkhet gods

A few new mechanics also make their debut with this plane. Embalm is an activated ability that allows to exile the card in question from your graveyard at sorcery speed to create a zombie token copy of it with no mana cost. This mechanic is found in white, blue, and green cards of this set. Exert is found in the white and red cards. Exert can be triggered as the creature attacks, and prevents it from untapping during your next untap step. However, when you exert (especially if you can give that exert creature haste), you get some pretty amazing effects from it.

embalm exert

We’ve also seen a few new versions of some of our favorite members of the Gatewatch. Liliana and Gideon will have two versions, one of which will be available in their Planeswalker deck, and one of which will be a part of the regular set. LilianaDeath’s Majesty, like many of the black cards from the set, is based around -1/-1 counters and zombies. Fairly standard. Gideon of the Trials, however, is straight-up crazy. With one activation, he becomes PLATINUM GIDEON, giving you a token disallowing you from losing the game as long as you have a Gideon on the field. We’ve also gotten a sneak peek at NissaSteward of Elements who is *gasp* green and blue!!! She is the only Planeswalker thus far to have an X in her casting cost. Very interesting stuff indeed.

amonkhet planeswalker.png

New split cards have entered play as well, although not without Wizards changing the rulings on how they work. They have an odd design, differentiating them from their split-card predecessors. Never // Return, notably, is a new (read: better) Hero’s Downfall for the same cost, and I could definitely see it being used.

never return

So many good things, and we are barely scratching the surface here. This set is definitely one to look forward to!  For more updates as spoilers are revealed, check out mtgsalvation.

Looking for a prerelease near you? Check out our upcoming prerelease events here. Bring in an obelisk that you’ve made for a chance at an exclusive full-art foil land (featuring some horns in the background that seem rather familiar…)!

amonkhet full arts.png

We hope to see you there!

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Modern Masters 2017 – SPOILED


Now that all of the Modern Masters 2017 cards have been spoiled, we can take a look at the set in it’s entirety. Just as we expected, Wizards of the Coast continued to reveal top-notch, expensive reprints to help support the Modern format. If you look closely though, this set is also incredibly draftable. However, red cards may be OP.

Bonfire of the Damned, Boros Reckoner, Burning-Tree Emissary, and Pyroclasm were definitely on our expected list, but in addition to these we also get Blood Moon! Finally, there are more black-bordered Blood Moons to go around. Goblins and Red Deck Wins could definitely make jumping into Modern a little easier on our pocket books, but red might be the best color if you’re doing a limited format with this set.


Among cards reprinted are definitely our favorites from the Return to Ravnica block. It’s almost as if WOTC asked “Which cards were the most popular? Print those.” Among those, Griselbrand, Obzedat, and Cyclonic Rift stand out.


Unfortunately, we were hoping for charm reprints. Understandably, WOTC can’t reprint everything (Experiment One and Guttersnipe missed the boat).

Something, something…another Tarmogoyf printing.


We’ll expect to see more people playing Death’s Shadow decks in Modern, particularly since those decks are placing and/or winning Grand Prix events. We do get another Inquisition of Kozilek, too. /Cheer


Check it all out here. If you’re super stoked about this set, preorder your box now, or check out a Modern Masters 2017 draft here!

Happy Gaming!


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Modern Masters 2017 – HYPE!

mm20171As we prepare for the next Modern Masters set, the amount of excitement and the number of speculations surround what could be printed soars higher as each spoiler is revealed. Will there be Cavern of Souls? Will there be Progenitus? Voice of Resurgence? We can’t wait for more spoilers as the best and the most expensive cards keep getting spoiled.

Possibly the most anticipated of which is Liliana of the Veil (happy arm-flailing)!!lilianaWe’re also completely ecstatic about the reprinting of Snapcaster Mage. Getting more support for the decks everyone wants to build is just another step in expanding the modern format. We’re looking forward to seeing how big of a following it can get, and we’re happy that Wizards of the Coast continues to support this format.snapcasterWe can speculate that perhaps Cryptic Command and Austere Command (at least) will be reprinted again since Primal Command has been spoiled.

We’re pleased to see some of the Miracle (You may cast this card for its Miracle cost when you draw it if it’s the first card you drew this turn.) cards are coming back.


Anyone else thinking that it was about time they printed the enemy color fetch lands? We really appreciated the fetches from Khans of Tarkir, but we’re happy to be done waiting for more Arid Mesas, Misty Rainforests, and Verdant Catacombs. The price of these cards was significantly higher than other fetch lands, almost making it too hard for players to jump into modern with these colors. Having more access to the staple lands will not only make this set worth buying into, but will also nurture the players trying to build these colors.

fetches1We can’t wait to see what else Wizards of the Coast has in store for Modern Masters 2017! Full set will be released on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th! This set looks to be not only valuable, but also conducive to drafting. Check out Game Cafe’s release day draft event here.

Can’t wait for this set either? Check out preorder boxes at a local game store near you, or click here!


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9 Gift Ideas for Card Gamers

happyholidays9 Gift Ideas for Card Gamers – Even if you don’t know what they want…

‘Tis the season! Trying to shop for friends or family during the holidays can be a nightmare, and even worse so if they are gamers. Trying to find out what games they have, what they need, and what they like can be a trying experience—especially if you’re trying to sneaky.

For the card gamer, gift giving can be tricky. Not know what someone needs for their deck—or even exactly what they play—makes it almost impossible. Never fear! Here’s a list of a few items that are never unwelcome for your card-gamer loved one!

  1. playmattubePlaymat: It may seem like a weird thing to a non-card gamer, but playmats are sought after. It separates one player’s play space from another’s, helps protect their cards from anything that might be on the table, and creates a soft space to prevent any additional damage to their cards. Playmats come in a variety of colors and with different art so that each individual can also express themselves during their games!
  1. Playmat Tube: For the gamer that already has a lot of playmats, playmat tubes are a great purchase. It’s basically a tube that stores the playmat, keeping it safe from bends, dirt, debris, etc. It will help extend the life of their favorite playmats! These also come in a variety of colors. We prefer prism-shaped playmat tubes. Not only is it easier to remove the playmat from its storage space, but it also doesn’t roll away if you set it down.
  1. sleevesSleeves: Card sleeves are probably the number one item for gamers (besides their cards). Card sleeves protect their cards from wear and tear, making them playable longer. It will also help keep valuable cards safe. The one thing to remember with card sleeves is that they come in different sizes. Most cards will fit in “standard” sized sleeves (e.g., Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Force of Will), while others are “small” sized (Yu-Gi-Oh!, Cardfight!! Vanguard). Card sleeves come in a variety of colors and art backs, too!
  1. deckboxesDeck Boxes: Deck boxes are the best way to keep your deck all in one place and safe from being split apart or damaged. Deck boxes come in a variety of styles and can vary in price depending on how fancy you’d like to get with your card storage. Small plastic deck boxes will usually run less than $3, while leather deck boxes and premium-style deck boxes will be more costly (up to $24.99 typically).
  1. binderBinders: Most card gamers will keep a few cards available for trading purposes, or cards in place that may be more valuable than others. Binders are a great way to store these. Most three-ring binders and card pages will work fine, but for a special gift, purchasing a premium binder can make someone’s day! Binders by manufacturers like Ultra Pro, Monster, and Ultimate Guard give something a little extra to card storage. The card pages will typically have soft backs for extra protection, and the cards will slide in sideways rather than top-loading. This will keeps the cards from falling out if it’s dropped or picked up the wrong way! Some binders will also come with a zipper for extra security.
  1. boostersBooster Packs: When in doubt, buy booster packs for their chosen game. Each booster pack is a randomized card pack. Since these cards are randomized, it’s also a thrill to open these to see if that extra rare card is in there. These make the best stocking stuffers for card gamers.
  1. Boxed Sets: For a bigger gift, check out some boxed sets that pertain to the game they play. Most games will have box sets that range anywhere from $15-$45 dollars. Some will have booster packs, dice, sleeves, promotional cards, and sometimes figurines. Games like Magic: The Gathering have items called “The Gift Box” specially designed for this purpose!
  1. giftboxDice Sets/Dice Bag: Most card games usually require tokens and/or counters. Gamers d6will usually use dice as representation of these tokens. They come in a variety of sets, colors, swirls, speckles, and the like for an endless array of the color spectrum. Additional dice are always acceptable as gifts. Throw in a new dice bag so they have a way to carry their new set!
  1. Gift Cards: When you’re completely lost, getting a gift card to your local game store is a sure bet. Gift Cards may seem impersonal, but getting one for the game shop that they play at will show thought and appreciation for your loved one.

We hope your gift giving experience goes a little more smoothly with this guide!

Happy Holidays from Game Cafe!


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“What? The POKEMON TCG is evolving!”


Welcome back! This time, we’re taking a quick peek at the Pokemon Evolutions set right before its spooooooky Halloween-day release. If you’re a fan of the Base Set, Jungle, or Fossil sets from the good old days, you are in luck! The vast majority of the cards featured in this set are powered-up versions of the cards in the first three sets, given the additional HP and attack damage they need to be a part of today’s Pokemon TCG, all while featuring that original artwork that we always loved. A few of our old favorites have also gotten some new BREAK evolutions!

Let’s start by taking a look at exactly what the differences are. While there are a few direct reprints, such as the EX and Mega versions of Venusaur, Blastoise, and Charizard, a lot of the Pokemon in the Evolutions set have received new moves or abilities, increased damage on their attacks, and/or an increase in HP. For example, the Base Set Charizard’s revamp in this set has a powered-up version of its old ability, Energy Burn, which makes all energy attached to him Fire-type. His Fire Spin does twice as much damage, but makes you discard an extra card. He also charizard evolutions.pngboasts 30 more HP than his older counterpart. Many of the Base Set Pokemon have gotten this treatment. Not only are they now allowed in the current tournament rotation, which is exciting in and of itself, but they have also been given more playability, to help them keep up a bit better with cards in more recent sets.

One surprising card remodel is Professor Oak’s Hint. This card, now as a Supporter rather than a Trainer, got its effect prof-oakschanged to mirror that of Tropical Beach, except now you don’t have to be a Worlds participant to get it. Rather than discarding your hand and drawing seven cards like the old version of Professor Oak did, it now allows you to draw back up to seven cards in hand. Like Tropical Beach, it does still end your turn to do so, though.
Now for our fantastic new BREAK evolutions! Starmie, Nidoking, Ninetales, and Machamp have all gotten the BREAK evolution treatment.  Starmie BREAK can deal extra damage to each of your opponent’s Pokemon BREAK. Nidoking BREAK, whose evolutionary line has been changed to Psychic due to its Poison typing, can badly poison your opponent’s Pokemon with its Toxic Pierce. Ninetales BREAK comes with an explosive new attack that adds 60 damage for each fire energy you discard from it. Machamp BREAK benefits from the Strikes Back of its predecessor, which now places 3 damage counters when it takes damage instead of just one, along with Lasso Boomerang, which potentially makes every attack after the first 200+ damage. These cards, especially the two latter, will be cards to watch!
A few new EXs were thrown into the mix as well: Pidgeot EX, M Pidgeot EX, Slowbro EX, M Slowbro EX, Dragonite EX, and a dragonite-exnew version of Mewtwo EX. The standouts here are the Dragonite EX, with the ability Elevation, and Mewtwo EX, with good old standbys Recover, Safeguard, and Psyburn. Regardless of appearance, M Slowbro EX is no slouch either. His Loll Roll Spin can deal 100 extra damage the second time it is used – if you can avoid the confusion it causes. The starters’ EXs and Mega Forms also got reprints, along with a pleasant surprise in the form of an all-new Charizard Spirit Link card!
Finally, let me mention the secret rares from this set – they are AWESOME! Surfing and Flying Pikachu make an appearance, along with Here Comes Team Rocket, a formerly hard-to-find bilingual promo Exeggutor, and Imakuni’s Doduo. If you don’t have that last card in your life, you are missing out! With its ability, you are required to physically throw the card when it would retreat. Its attack, Harmonize, has unique text requiring you to start singing a song, and won’t deal its 30 damage until your song is over. Of course, this card isn’t tournament legal, but if you’re playing casually, give it a try!

All in all, this set is going to be a blast to play and to collect. Be sure to stop by on October 31st to purchase your packs!


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Top 10 Board Games for Halloween

horrorIn no particular order: our suggested board games for the ultimate Halloween board gaming adventure!

Ultimate Werewolf and its variations are definitely a go-to for any Halloween Party. ultimatewerewolfSupporting up to 75 players, this game can accommodate any group of people. Easy to learn and fast-paced, Ultimate Werewolf plays in about 30 minutes, so even those with the shortest attention span can enjoy it. Players pit against each other as Villagers vs. Werewolves. The villagers must attempt to figure out who the werewolves are and vote players out of the game, whilst werewolves take out the villagers one at time. The game ends when either the werewolves or villagers have all been eliminated. A moderator helps run the game to keep it in check.

betrayal_background_carouselBetrayal at House on the Hill is a fan favorite. This game has an innovative layout in which all players start out as heroes exploring a haunted house and at a certain point a trigger mechanic flips one player to become the betrayer. This tile-laying game has a move-explore mechanic so the house reveals itself as you play. With 50 different scenarios, not including the newest expansion to be released, and a different house layout every time, this game is different every time you play it. The game is for 3-6 players and usually lasts approximately one hour. panicstation

Panic Station may be the ultimate paranoia game. Short and sweet, this game is about one infected “Host” player attempting to infect the rest while keeping their identity secret. All players are a suspect, but you must work together to attempt to destroy the parasite hive and thwart the infected player(s). This game plays in about 30-45 minutes for 4-6 players.



Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition is a fully cooperative Lovecraft thriller! Second edition sports an app for iphone and android devices. The app plays as the keeper, while the players get to work together to find clues, defeat monsters, and solve the objective. With two expansions out already and several different scenarios, this game is definitely one of the top horror games currently. This is for 1-5 players and plays in 2+ hours. Not for the faint of heart!lastnight

Last Night on Earth is probably one of the most iconic zombie survival board games. Play out zombies versus humans for 2-6 players in about 90 minutes. This game even comes with a horror-themed CD to enhance the atmosphere–a must-have for any zombie fanatic. Several expansions available and different scenarios available provides replayability.

zombicideZombicide, one of the newer zombie survival games, has exploded in the gaming universe. The ultimate hack, slash, and shoot your way through all the zombies. This game comes with several different themes, including Zombicide: Black Plague and Zombicide: Prison Outbreak. This game comes with beautifully sculpted miniatures and quality tiles. This game is for 1-6 players and varies in playtime depending on difficulty (that’s right–a one player game, AND it has a variety of difficulties).

deadofwinterDead of Winter is a Game Cafe favorite. With all of the elements of zombie survival, story-telling, and secret objectives, this game is one of a kind. Players work together to achieve a main objective while having their own hidden objectives. Beware: among hidden objectives can be a traitor card! Each round players must work together to maintain colony morale, solve a crisis, and find supplies.level7

Level 7 [Escape] is a semi-cooperative survival game for 1-4 players. You awake in what seems to be a scientific military base. Trying to find your way around during a lockdown, you must avoid human and inhuman denizens! Will you work together with your fellow captives? Or secure your own escape and leave the rest to live their short lives in turmoil?

mysteriumHave the ultimate ghostly encounter with Mysterium! As one player takes on the role of the ghost of Mr. MacDowell, prominent astrologist, the others play as mediums performing a seance attempting to communicate with him. Unfortunately, Mr. MacDowell cannot talk, but can only share information through clues and visions to help the mediums figure out who murdered him. Played over a series of seven rounds, the mediums must use the clues to identify the murderer, weapon, and location before time is up. Plays in approximately 45 minutes for 2-7 players!

furyofdracThe most noted vampire arises once again in Fury of Dracula! Play as Dracula crossing the vast countries of Europe, spreading vampirism as you go. Or, play as Mina Harker and her fellow companions determined to catch Dracula and destroy him once and for all. A game of suspense and detective-work, Fury of Dracula is for 2-5 players and plays in approximately 2-3 hours. If you enjoy this game, also check out Letters from Whitechapel, a similar game of cat and mouse with Jack the Ripper!

Honorable mentions include Zombies!!!, a run for your life to find the helicopter pad to escape game; Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu, the newest installment of Pandemic by Z-Man Games; and Potion Explosion, the candy crush board game! Check all of these games out and more at your local game shop, or stop in at Game Cafe to have a look around! Happy Halloween!



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Kaladesh: Quick Preview

kaladesh2Moving forward into Kaladesh, excitement continues to increase significantly. New mechanics, beautiful new art, and the Masterpiece Series all contribute to making this set unforgettable.

Just taking a quick look at new Planeswalker prints, Chandra and Nissa (who both have two different versions in this set) are both fantastic. Chandra is definitely by far the superior Planeswalker to be printed in Kaladesh (it is her homeland, afterall). She is not the first Planeswalker to have four abilities (compare to Jace, the Mind Sculptor)but she definitely has relevant abilities and a great converted mana cost for what she is.


Energy counters add a new mechanic for us, but we’re not really sure exactly how effective they will be. Not too many cards with this mechanic printed look astounding, but they’re definitely not all terrible. Most cards that have been revealed give you energy counters, but there doesn’t seem to be much do with the energy counters once you have them, or the build up will take a while. For example, Architect of the Untamed, or Aetherworks Marvel.


New keywords introduced. Fabricate. (When this creature enters the battlefield, put N +1/+1 counters on it or create N 1/1 colorless Servo artifact creature tokens.) This is a neat mechanic which allows the player to make a choice based on game state. Bigger creatures, or more creatures? That is the question.

Crew. (Tap any number of creatures you control with total power N or more: This Vehicle becomes an artifact creature until end of turn.) Crew appears on Artifact Vehicles, but doesn’t look to be impressive yet.

Inventors’ Fair, which is basically an artifact tutor, could possibly be a new EDH staple. Searching mechanics are definitely a hot commodity in this format, particularly since everything is a singleton except basic lands. And if you’re running an artifact win con, then this helps you find it faster. Aetherflux Resevoir also has potential in EDH. Cast all the spells, throw all damage!

Then, of course, there are the dual lands that are being printed. Definitely good for your early game. Now we have enemy color “Fast Lands,” as opposed to the friendly ones from Scars of Mirrodin. It’s about time. (That wasn’t very…fast…)


Let’s not forget to mention the Masterpiece Series. If you loved the Expedition Lands printed in Battle for Zendikar and Oath of the Gatewatch, you need to check these out here. Seriously. Super awesome reprints of our favorite artifacts. Mox Opal, Swords, Sol Ring, Aether Vial, and more. Too much. Can’t handle the awesome.


If you’re as anxious for Kaladesh to hit the shelves as we are, check out our prerelease events page here!

Happy Gaming!




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